Remembering Our Early Benefactors Part 4: Charles D. Shaw

Finally, but certainly not least in measure or stature, we come to Mr. Charles D. Shaw who was born in Greenville, in April 1852, the son of early settlers Milton Gilman Shaw and Eunice Hinkley Shaw.

Early in his life he became active in the lumber business with his father and brothers, his energy and enterprise having contributed largely to the success o1979-13-41-shaw-charles-jpgf M. G. Shaw and Sons, the company of which he was a member. Not to be constrained by a single business focus, his interests also included banking, real estate, and public utilities.

In 1874, Charles married Clara Norcross and had four children, unfortunately only one, Henry M. Shaw, survived to manhood. Clara passed away in 1925, and Charles married Nettie Barbour in 1926.

He served his town as a member of the Board of Selectmen, and with his brothers, William and Albert, developed electric and telephone service, and the water company.   During his business life he was Vice President of the Guilford Trust Company, and a director of the Moosehead Telephone and Telegraph Company. And although it was reported that he had no particular church affiliations, he was a staunch supporter of Greenville’s Union Evangelical Church.

In 1925, Mr. Shaw had a $25,000 building constructed which he presented to the town and which was ultimately dedicated, in grateful appreciation, as the Shaw Public Library. Mr. Shaw’s death came shortly thereafter, in January 1930, but his legacy lives to this day.   1978-2-84a-shaw-public-library-jpg

These four gentlemen, Mr. Arthur A. Crafts, Mr. Charles A. Dean, Mr. Louis Oakes and Mr. Charles D. Shaw, through their abiding interest in, and concern for, the town of Greenville and the Moosehead Lake region, each made enduring contributions that have served the community for decades and will continue to do so as future todays become tomorrows.

Bob Cowan

MHS Trustee