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Warden pilot Malcolm Maheu from Rockwood, ferrying Mrs. Larrabee from Camp Caribou, winter 1940. Her husband refused to fly & walked the 17 miles down to Rockwood.


MOOSEHEAD HISTORICAL        Society & Museum

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The Moosehead Aviation Museum

The Logging & Lumberman’s Museum

Moosehead: A Sportsman’s Paradise

Moosehead’s People of the Dawn: Native American Families

B-52 Tragedy on Elephant Mountain

Kineo Hotels: 1844 – 1970

Tracing Thoreau’s Trail: East Cove to Katahdin

The Marsh Family Retrospective

Changing times: Technology through the Ages


The Center for Moosehead History        .           The Moosehead Aviation Museum

6 Lakeview Street, East Cove, Greenville  – Thurs. ~ Sat. 10 am~4 pm; Sundays 1~4 pm


The Eveleth-Crafts-Sheridan House           444 Pritham Avenue . Greenville Junction

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