Saturday, July 10, at 6:30 pm


Come hear the fascinating account of O.A. Harkness, a mechanical innovator, helping Great Northern Paper Company become the largest paper mill in the world by building a specialized inland navy to move logs to the mill. 

Mr. Moody details how Harkness also operated an inventive logging tramway, a fleet of Lomard haulers, and a landlocked wilderness railroad to move logs from the St. John watershed to the Penobscot River. Great Northern was a major employer in the Moosehead Lake region and in the Millinocket area. 

Tonight in LOGGING TOWBOATS & BOOM JUMPERS, he tells about Harkness’s true mechanical genius at a time, from 1903 to 1951, that propelled Great Northern to the pinnacle of success through these innovative timber transport systems.

Location: The Center for Moosehead History, 6 Lakeview Street, East Cove in downtown Greenville, Maine. Note: The new signs on the building read: Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center!

444 Pritham Ave., Greenville Junction, Maine

6 Lakeview St., Greenville, Maine
[New Sign on Building: Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center]

Wednesday – Monday, July 21-26

15th Annual Thoreau Wabanaki Trail Festival
Wed, July 21: All About Moose with Lee Kantar, Maine’s Moose Expert, 6:30 pm
At The Center for Moosehead History, 6 Lakeview St., East Cove downtown Greenville, Me.
Thurs, July 22: Solar System Modeling with John Meader, Northern Star Planetarium, 9:30 am
At Greenville Consolidated School, 130 Pritham Ave., Greenville.
Thurs, July 22: Penobscot Sense of Place with James E. Francis, Tribal Historian, 6:30 pm
At The Center for Moosehead History, 6 Lakeview St., East Cove, downtown Greenville.
Thurs, July 22: Night Sky Tour with John Meader, Lily Bay State Park, 10 pm – midnight ** Pre-Registration Required
Meet at The Center for Moosehead History, 6 Lakeview St., East Cove downtown Greenville. We drive into Lily Bay State Park to meet Mr. Meader.
Friday, July 23: Nature Walk with Alexandra Conover Bennett, 9:30 am
Meet at the Moosehead Visitors Center, 480 Moosehead Lake Road, Greenville, Me.
Friday, July 23: Ungava Trek with Alexandra Conover Bennett, 4:40 pm
At The Center for Moosehead History, 6 Lakeview St., East Cove downtown Greenville.
Saturday – Monday, July 24-26: Last Leg of Thoreau’s Trip with Penobscot Guides ** Pre-Registration Required
by special arrangement with Penobscot Nation on the Penobscot River

Festival in partnership with Maine Woods Forever, Lily Bay State Park, Natural Resource
Education Center, the Penobscot Nation Cultural and Historic Preservation Dept.
, Greenville Consolidated Sch

Cost is $5 per program, except for Last Leg of Thoreau’s Trip, as listed above. NOTE: New signs on the building read: Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center!

Friday, July 30, 6:30 pm
Moose Island: Where’s the
Greenville native Eric Ward explores the intriguing story around Moose Island on Moosehead Lake.

Friday, Aug. 6, 7 pm

Friends of Wilson Pond 30th Anniversary
Members Program in the Community Theatre, The Center for Moosehead History

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER Friday, Aug. 13, 5:30 pm CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER!!! To be Rescheduled ~

Bobby Harris & Band
Family Bring-Your-Own Picnic, listen to Bobby & Band, on the lawn at the Eveleth-Crafts-Sheridan House

Wednesday, Aug. 18, 7 pm

B-52 “Final Mission The North Woods” program and book signing with author
Joseph Wax, at The Center for Moosehead History

Saturday, August 14, All Day!

Forest Heritage Days
Logging History & Heritage
Day long activities for the entire family, outside at Greenville Consolidated School, Pritham Ave.
The Game of Logging
Colby Woodman’s Team Demonstration
Children’s programs
Tours at The Center for Moosehead History, Lumbermen’s & Outdoor Heritage Museums
For more details, visit http://www.ForestHeritageDays.com.

Saturday, Aug. 21

Depot Train Celebration, Greenville Junction
MHS Ladies in Waiting Display

Wednesday, Aug. 25, 1 pm

Cookbook Creations from Yesteryear, with Jolene Staruch, 1 pm at the Eveleth-Crafts-Sheridan Historical House

Ingredients and recipes have changed over the years, often with food companies creating recipes to sell their products. What was it like to bake a cake before baking powder was available? Was a biscuit a fluffy thing or a hard hockey puck early on? What did loggers feast on during those long cold days? Come join us for a demo and sampling of recipes from cookbooks from the early 1900s and 1950s! Cost: $7.50 per person.

Wednesday, Aug. 25, 6:30 pm

The Great Depression, with author Ed Linz, 6:30 pm at The Center for Moosehead History. Cost: $5 cash at door

Ed Linz, author of They Never Threw Anything Away, Memories of the Great Depression by American Who Lived It, bases his presentation on 22 interviews from people across the nation who lived the Great Depression, from a black man in southern Georgia who worked in a turpentine forest, to a young teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in the Dust Bowl, to a group of nursing students from the Kentucky coal mining regions. The audience will be encouraged to share their own stories of their families and friends who lived the Great Depression.

Thursday – Saturday, Sept. 9-12

International Seaplane Fly-In
Moosehead Aviation Museum & B-52 Crash Tragedy, open at The Center for Moosehead History, 6 Lakeview St., downtown Greenville.
Moosehead’s Outdoor Heritage, open at 444 Pritham Ave, Greenville Junction.

Anni Clark in Concert, Saturday, Sept. 11,
At The Center for Moosehead History Community Hall, 7 pm, at 6 Lakeview St., East Cove, Greenville.
Tickets $12 in advance; $15 at the door. Call to order, 207-695-2909.

Balladeer Anni Clark brings it home to Moosehead!
Voice a cross between Bonnie Raitt and Joni Mitchell, original tunes

Saturday, November 27

Deck the Halls Open House at The Center for Moosehead History